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Large Scale Decontamination and Disaster Restoration with ServiceMaster Recovery Management in Denver, CO

December 26th, 2015 · No Comments

As part of a nationwide nexus of commercial restoration teams with ServiceMaster, the Denver branch of ServiceMaster DSI specializes in The best training, equipment, and products in the field are made available to our teams and disaster restoration technicians. For a reliable and fast recovery for your business, you can count on the network of ServiceMaster Recovery Management (SRM) in Denver, CO.

SRM has comprehensive capabilities for large loss restoration services with any disaster your building has experienced. Building decontamination is a crucial part of the restoration process for many disaster situations including flooding, fire, trauma cleanup, mold infestation, debris removal, and even storm damage.

For a disaster needing building decontamination, our SRM teams approach the circumstances with a 4-step system.

Assessment of situation: Our SRM teams must first map the affected area, analyze the types of contaminants, the toxicity and concentration, and the danger levels of the building itself. When the structural stability of the building is confirmed, and the contaminants are identified and mapped, our teams can begin the next step.

Plan of approach: Once the scope of the situation is realized, our SRM teams can begin planning their approach. To safely and fully neutralize your building, our technicians must recognize the approach plan as a team. This includes designing a schedule, understanding the method of decontamination and verification of task completion, full awareness of the legal aspects of the situation, employing specialists if necessary, and having full communication between team members.

Systematic decontamination: When the plan and schedule is mapped out, our teams can begin a systematic process of decontamination. Our SRM teams are expertly trained and armed with the experience, equipment, and tools necessary to complete a decontamination job.

Verification of neutralization: After the physical decontamination is completed, our SRM technicians will verify the complete neutralization of any toxic materials in your building and fully remove those materials.

When the 4-step decontamination process is completed, our cleaning crews will begin the final step in the restoration, returning your building to pre-disaster condition and recovering any losses sustained. A healthy, safe building is always an option with ServiceMaster Recovery Management in Denver, CO.

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